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Vampires Among Us 2016   
Vampires Among Us is an installation for Halloween 2016, a collaboration with Jennifer Lim.
Dimensions: 20 ft x 10 ft x 6 in
Materials: tulle, projector, Kinect V2 interface, speakers, computer with custom software, rope lights, pvc tubing
As you approach the giant screen, you notice six bats flitting about. All of a sudden, boom! You morph into a vampire, with a virtual cape and bloody fangs.

Several open source software projects were used in this installation:

OpenFrameworks - an open-source C++ library for creative coding

ofxKinectV2 - Joshua Noble's addon for using the Microsoft Kinect V2

Assimp - a portable Open Source library to import various well-known 3D model formats.

ofxBoids - a flocking motion addon for by Satoshi Okami

ofxRuiPhysics3d - 2d physics addon for OF using the Verlet integrator

I would like to thank Jennifer Lim for her help with this installation.

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