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PixelPusher 2006   
PixelPusher is an interactive video installation that continuously solves a real-time pixel puzzle. The user can change the size and speed of the pixels (puzzle pieces) by adjusting two sliders on a command console. The viewers image is captured by a web camera connected to a hidden CPU, processed, and displayed on a rearprojection screen.

The system continuously processes the video stream by quantizing the image to the specified pixel size. Each group of (4x4) pixels forms a puzzle to be solved concurrently. The video projector, rotated 90 for a portrait style, is positioned under the floor. The projection screen is mounted on a steel frame. The web camera is mounted over the screen. The sliders on the command console are connected to an OOPIC controller to be read continuously by the CPU.
PixelPusher was shown at COLLISIONnine BOTbits, Jewett Arts Center Gallery, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA, Feb 16 to Mar 08, 2006
PixelPusher was shown at COLLISIONnine, Art Interactive Gallery, Cambridge, MA, Jan 27 to Feb 05, 2006

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