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O.f.f.i.c.e.A.n.t.s 2007   
O.f.f.i.c.e.A.n.t.s is an interactive video installation that is a cross between an ant farm and a software development company.
Dimensions: 22 in x 14 in x 20 in
Materials: wood, lexan, computer with custom software, LCD monitor
The title, O.f.f.i.c.e.A.n.t.s, is a ten-letter-acronym for Organized, Fast, Frantic, Intelligent, Corporate Entities Acting in a Novel Technology Simulation.

Viewers can watch and interact with one hundred tiny developers, working around the clock, trying to meet their deadlines, and ship their virtual products. The installation consists of two elements: a display case for the simulated office and food for the developers.

You can interact with the O.f.f.i.c.e A.n.t.s. by using the two small canisters of developer nourishment. Shaking the canisters over the slot at the top of the display case will cause virtual food and drink to fall into the cafeteria. The developers frequent the cafeteria, foraging for sustenance between meetings. If the developers are not fed often, productivity will lag.

I would like to thank Jennifer Lim for her help with this installation.
O.f.f.i.c.e.A.n.t.s was shown at COLLISIONtwelve: mini, MIT Stata Center Gallery, Cambridge, MA, Nov 30 to Dec 16, 2007

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