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Masked Thoughts 2008   
Masked Thoughts is an interactive video installation that allows viewers to try on virtual masks, and think virtual thoughts..
Dimensions: 4 ft x 8 ft x 7 ft
Materials: wood, mirror, computer with custom software, webcam, video projector, foam board, mic. stands
The installation is comprised of the following components: a large mirror mounted in a wooden frame, a video projector and video camera mounted on top of the frame, and two projection surfaces mounted on mic stands in front of the mirror. One of the projection surfaces is a mask with eyeholes cut out. The other surface is a thought balloon - comic book style. Both surfaces are front/back symmetric and can be swiveled around to face the other side.

A webcam provides a video feed to the CPU, which scans the area and detects changes to the mask and thought balloon. Swiveling the surfaces cause the projected images to change in real-time. Turn the mask around, see a different face. Turn the thought balloon around, see a different thought. Note that the surfaces can be changed at any time, in any order.

A variety of recognizable faces are available to try on: politicians, historical figures, entertainers, etc.

The thoughts were created by visitors to the web site

I would like to thank Jennifer Lim for her help with this installation.
Masked Thoughts was shown at COLLISION1101:superartificial, Axiom Gallery , Boston, MA, May 09 to May 25, 2008

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