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FaceLifter 2009   
FaceLifter is an interactive video installation that allows the viewer to see his/her face projected on a 3d mask.
Dimensions: 10 in x 12 in x 6 ft 8 in
Materials: acrylic modeling resin, foam board, wood, steel, servo motor, microcontroller, computer with custom software, webcam, video projectors
The overall effect of the installation is to allow the viewers to see themselves as they appear to others.

An outline of shoes marks the spot on the floor where the viewer can get a closer look at FaceLifter (and FaceLifter can get a closer look at the viewer). The viewer's faces is illuminated by lights mounted on the column. A web camera mounted above the mask captures the viewer's image, which is algorithmically identified and processed with a hidden computer.

The mask, rendered in white acrylic resin, is mounted on the surface of a column attached to vertical rails. A computer controlled motor inside the column lifts the mask to the height of the viewer.

A video stream of the face is projected via two ceiling-mounted projectors. The projectors are mounted diagonally to allow the viewer to get close to the mask without casting a shadow. The images are adjusted vertically by the computer to track with the mask.

The face finding algorithm is by Philip Abbet, from the IDIAP Research Institute, in Valais, Switzerland.

Thanks to Jennifer Lim, Vivien Leone, and William Tremblay.
FaceLifter was shown at COLLISION14:pov, Axiom Gallery, Boston, MA, Feb 13 to Mar 14, 2009

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