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EyeSeeYou 2011   
EyeSeeYou is an interactive installation for Halloween 2011, a collaboration with Jennifer Lim.
Dimensions: 6.5 ft x 6.5 ft x 6.5 ft
Materials: vinyl, rope lights, pvc tubing, computer with custom software, webcam, video projector
There is a giant human eyeball on our front lawn! And it's alive!

As you approach, the eye will track you and respond to your movement.

Jen's diary entry for Oct-30-?2:20 AM:

"Time to turn in. I peer out at the whipping wind, the landscape changed by the downed tree branches everywhere. Wait. Our 6-foot orb, AKA the human eye, AKA our Halloween installation, is missing. Rob and I go tearing out the door, braving the slush underfoot and overhead. We find it down the hill, a quarter mile away, in a wet and cold dance with the night storm. So, we are players in an unseen enactment of Sisyphus as we roll our gigantic ball back up the hill."

© 2011 Rob Gonsalves and Jennifer Lim