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ChromaScape Master Series 2017   
ChromaScape Master Series is a collection of abstract digital prints.
Dimensions: 20 in x 28 in
Materials: limited edition digital prints on archival paper
The works in the Master Series started as digital reproductions of famous paintings from the Renaissance and Impressionist eras. The images were processed using custom software to reorder the pixels vertically according to lightness and/or hue. Using this innovative algorithm, new abstract scenes emerge, revealing otherworldly landscapes.

ChromaScape 1, after Botticelli, Birth of Venus
ChromaScape 2, after Monet, Sunset in Venice
ChromaScape 3, after Michelangelo, Fall of Man

You can purchase fine art prints here:

Fine Art America
ChromaScape Master Series was shown at Electron Salon, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, CA, Dec 14 to Jan 06, 2018
ChromaScape Master Series was shown at Members’ Exhibition 2017, Attleboro Arts Museum , Attleboro, MA, Dec 09 to Feb 01, 2018
ChromaScape Master Series was shown at Auction Spotlight Exhibition, Attleboro Arts Museum, Attleboro, MA, Oct 12 to Nov 01, 2017

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