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ChopShop 2006   
ChopShop is an interactive video installation that allows the viewer to change body parts in real-time. Similar to the Dada game Exquisite Corpse, ChopShop allows the viewer to change his/her head, torso, or legs by manipulating three rollers mounted on a stand in front of the screen.

The effect is achieved by using a webcam connected to a computer utilizing real-time image processing to track and replace the body parts of the viewer. Six sets of previously recorded body parts are available in addition to the live video stream. The viewer therefore has a choice of 7 heads, 7 torsos, and 7 sets of legs, for a total of 343 possible combinations.

The video projector is rotated 90 degrees for a portrait style. The projection screen is mounted on a steel frame. The web camera is mounted over the screen. The sliders on the command console are connected to an OOPIC controller to be read continuously by the CPU.
ChopShop was shown at COLLISIONten (CX), MIT Stata Center Gallery, Cambridge, MA, Nov 17 to Dec 03, 2006

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