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About Rob Gonsalves

Rob Gonsalves is an artist, inventor, and engineer. Ever since his parents brought home a Tandy Color Computer in 1982, Rob has been hooked on programming. He honed his interests in the arts, music, and computers in the Boston area.

After attending Northeastern and UMass Lowell, he joined
Avid Technology as their 15th employee. As a senior consulting engineer at Avid, Rob specializes in programming effects for video and film post-production. He holds 34 patents in this field. Rob and his collegue Randy recently won Avid's internal Employee Video Contest, with their entry, Flight of the One Chords.

Since 2005, Rob has been active with the
COLLISIONcollective, a collection of artists an researchers in the Boston area that show envelope-pushing artwork in an interactive workshop/laboratory format.

Rob often collaborates with his friend
William Tremblay, an artist and interactive media programmer.

  • ArtBots - an international art exhibition for robotic art and art-making robots
  • Axiom Gallery - an art gallery in Boston dedicated exclusively to showcasing emerging and established artists working in new media
  • Boston Cyberarts Festival - a bi-annual collaboration of artists working in new technologies
  • COLLISIONcollective - a group of artists from MIT and the Boston area exploring new technologies
  • ICA Boston - the The Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston
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